Perimeter Spraying:

Spray along road sides, fence lines, ditches or buildings. At 4 mph, in only 29 minutes, one full tank will cover a swath up to 8.3-feet wide, 10,235-feet long, left or right, at an application rate of 10.25 gpa (gallon per acre).

Zone Spraying:

Our unique center swivel nozzle delivers a swath up to 18-feet wide. At 4 mph in only 15 minutes one full tank will cover 2.33 acres with an application rate of 8.7 gpa at 20 psi, but our broadcast sprayers can be easily adjusted to any chemical application rate needed. With our innovative boomless design there is no danger of hitting a fence or tree, therefore allowing you to maneuver through any space your truck or ATV will fit.

Brush Spraying with the Deluxe Gun:

With the deluxe gun you can quickly cover any spot or brush spaying needs you encounter.